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Vigneron champagne Mareuil sur Ay

In 1878, the Bénard-Pitois family starts to produce Champagne. Since then, a consistent drive has been passed on through generations : working the soil and the vine with respect, patience and precision.

Third generation of winemakers in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ (just a few kilometers from the city of Epernay), Michelle and Laurent Bénard-Louis have continued the tradition and taken care of the family domain's management since 1991. Many extensions and renovations mixing tradition and modernity set the tempo of life in the domain.

Michelle Bénard-Louis
Laurent Bénard-Louis

Passionate about their work and connected to its multiple sides, Michelle and Laurent use their expertise and their talent to elaborate high-quality Champagne wines appreciated in France and abroad.

While waiting for the fourth generation...